My Schools

Although it may not always show, I did actually receive schooling from a young age all the way until my early twenties. I’m not what you call a “book learner,” I’m much better at jumping in, getting my hands dirty and learning through experience, especially if it involved any amount of creativity. So, math and science, bad. English and art, good. Although I did not appreciate it much as youngster, I did develop an interest in history.

This section will revisit each of my schooling experiences, from elementary to high school to college, peppered with random accounts, self-depreciating humor and perhaps some actual revelatory information. Perhaps.

Part 1: St. Gregory The Great, Kindergarten through 8th Grade

Part 2: Williamsville South High School, Freshman & Sophomore Years

Part 3: Chagrin Falls High School, Junior & Senior Years

Part 4: Bowling Green State University

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