My Jobs

Like most people my age, I have built up a pretty extensive resume. Some of the jobs were horrific experiences and some were great. Some lasted two weeks, some two years. But they all have interesting stories to go along with them, and that’s what I’m all about.

The Dream Job, circa 1988

Part 1: Paperboy, The Buffalo News

Part 2: Stocker/Bagger, Heinen’s Grocery Store

Part 3: Assembler, Advanced Specialty Products

Part 4: Dishwasher, Founders Hall, BGSU

Part 5: Stocker/Cashier, Revco

Part 6: Sanitation & Labor, Matrix Essentials

Part 7: Night Guard, BGSU

Part 8: Budget Rent-A-Car

Part 9: Resident Advisor, BGSU

Part 10: Data Entry/Inventory, Lane Fire & Equipment & Buffalo Bisons (Intern)

Part 11: Men’s Department Manager, Kohl’s

Part 12: Network Provisioner, Qwest Communications

Part 13: Store Support Coordinator, Cheryl & Co.