The Stepford Five

The Stepford Five were a rock band from Columbus, Ohio featuring Keith Jenkins (vocals, guitar) Jason Dziak (guitar, keyboards, vocals), Tim Minneci (bass, vocals) and Mark Kovitya (drums). TS5 originally formed in 1998, the band stopped playing shows in early 2007 and later stopped writing, recording or practicing, eventually going on hiatus in 2008.

In those nine years, the band released three full-length albums, an EP, a Christmas single, appeared on several compilations, started a record label (Reverbose) with their friends, played over two-hundred shows throughout the Midwest, toured the East Coast for a week and played at a number of regional music conferences.

Complete list of gigs, studio diaries, website news updates, reviews and more are archived at The Stepford Five blogger site.

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MESH CD (Album – TS5-001/RVR-002) – February 1, 2000
This Christmas CD-R (Single – TS5-002) – December 12, 2000
The Art of Self Defense CD (Album – TS5-003/RVR-003) – December 1, 2001
6 CD (EP – RVR-004) – April 15, 2003
A New Design for Living CD (Album – RVR-006) – May 4, 2004

Compilation Appearances
Workbook Studio 25-Hour Grand Prix (RVR-007) 2004 Radio Friendly Burst Vol.1
Athens Musician Network Compilation CD Volume One
Workbook Studio Proud Like Parents
Gold Record Music Compilation CD #1
Catherine Wheel Covers Compilation