Reverbose Records

Reverbose Records launched in 2003 with the release of The Stepford Five 6 EP, but it really started years earlier. When Miranda Sound put out their first album, Baby Inertia, in 2001, the created a fictional record label – Reverbose. The band would eventually sign to the midwest indie label Standard Recording Company and the name was retired. However, the Reverbose name was used again in the Fall of 2001 when TS5 and MS started planning a spring 2002 tour together of the east coast. Reverbose became the phony home of the two bands in order to provide more weight when calling venues in Washington DC, New York City, etc.

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The tour happened (with mixed results) and the Reverbose name was retired again when the TS5 and MS hive mind decided to take the plunge and make Reverbose Records a real entity, officially incorporating, building a website and planning releases.

In 2017, I relaunched Reverbose to release ambient/electronic instrumental albums as well as other possible releases.

Listen to samples of the Reverbose catalog on Soundcloud.

RVR-001 – Baby Inertia by Miranda Sound

RVR-004 – 6 EP by The Stepford Five

RVR-005 – I Can’t Believe You Live Like That by Jon Chinn
RVR-006 – A New Design For Living by The Stepford Five
RVR-007 – Workbook Studio 25 Hour Grand Prix

RVR-007B – Keith Jenkins & The Moving Parts EP by Keith Jenkins & The Moving Parts

RVR-008 – Molokai by Timothy Minneci