A college (Bowling Green State University) bedroom recording originally started by Keith Jenkins and Jason Dziak sometime in 1997, the pair recorded four demos (Making Sound, Tear It Down, Overcoming Eve and Never An End) before joining up with the former rhythm section of State of Green, Matt Colaizzi and Adam Rich. Later, friend and fellow WFAL DJ Tim Minneci joined on keys and occasional guitar.

The band made the 4-song demo available for sale on cassettes at shows, as well as for media promotion and submission to record labels.

The band played three shows in its short existence:

March 21, 1998 @ The Symposium in Cleveland, Ohio with Lint
April 23, 1998 @ BGSU’s Anderson Arena for the Beyond BG Celebration with Tito Slack and the Trashcan Philosophers
April 25, 1998 @ BGSU’s Founders Hall for the WFAL Spring Concert BBQ with Fonix and Pacemaker Jane

Many of the songs written and recorded during the 10Watt era were used as foundations for Stepford material. Overcoming Eve, Need To Know, Broken Skin, Never An End, Making Sound, Distraction and Tear It Down all ended up being retooled for future Stepford releases, while Misplaced You drastically changed. Tired of Colour and A Piece of Now never surfaced as anything more than Stepford demos.

Utilizing recording class project time, the band spent time on March 28, 1998 at the BGSU Moore Music Building recording demos for Get Yourself Together and Need To Know.

The third and final show at Founders Hall also produced a live recording, which was made available for purchase via CD-r in June ’98. Around this time, the band began to separate as Keith and Jason made plans to move to Columbus, Ohio, Adam moved to Cleveland, Tim temporarily relocated to his hometown of Buffalo, N.Y. for an internship and Matt stayed in Toledo. Billy Peake (future of Miranda Sound and Bicentennial Bear) joined the band on bass, but soon left before playing with the band.

10Watt received positive regional press in The Village Buzz and The BG News, and thanks to an email from Adam Rich, received the following email:

Date: Thu, 2 Apr 1998
To: jjdziak
Subject: 10Watt tape.
I’ll be brief. My name is Jeff Magnum and I played bass in the Dead Boys. Your bass player Adam sent me a 4 song cassette and I gotta tell ya I think it’s pretty damn good. People send me so many godawful tapes, you know, you play ’em once and throw ’em the hell out the window, but yours is good and I’m gonna hang onto it. This song you got called “Tear it Down” sounds like a single to me. Good luck to you guys and when you play NYC lemme know.
Your pal,

The Making Sound EP: recorded by Keith and Jason in 1997 in Jason’s spare bedroom

1. Misplaced You
2. Overcoming Eve
3. Never An End
4. Tear It Down

Recording Technology II Class – Final Projects: recorded at the Moore Musical Arts Center in the Spring of 1998

1. Get Yourself Together
2. Need To Know

Live: chapter one: recorded in Founders Hall, April 25, 1998 at the Spring Concert BBQ