In college in the 90s, I started messing around with a four-track and various low-quality instruments, putting to tape a few hundred mostly unlistenable songs. I ended up playing a few bands after that, and continue to record at home, albeit on a Macbook with Garageband.

1994-2014: Home 4-Track and Digital Recordings

1998-1999: 10Watt – live keyboards and guitar

1999-2007: The Stepford Five – live and studio bass, vocals, keyboards and random noise

2002: Stardrop – live and studio bass (they released one EP, I played on the lead track and at one gig)

2003-2008, 2017-Present: Reverbose Records – indie label run with friends from Miranda Sound, relaunched in 2017 for new solo recordings and other releases

2007-2009: Keith Jenkins & The Moving Parts – live guitar, keyboards, vocals (they have multiple releases, none of which I played on)

2017-Present: RVM A Tribute to Pearl Jam – bass