Pinterest Project: Hairdryer Holder

When it comes to Pinterest projects, I’m always looking for ways to free up counter space, whether it’s in the kitchen, or in this case, the master bathroom. Our bath is small, and we when we moved in we replaced the pedestal sink and mirror which had zero space for tooth brushes and soap with an IKEA sink and vanity which offered plenty. Well, enough for small stuff, but big items like my wife’s hair dryer had no place to go, so I started searching for a solution.


None of these options really appealed to me, but I did like the idea of handing some sort of cylinder on the wall. Then one day while my wife was making her homemade pasta sauce, I spied the tomato cans she was emptying and the idea hit me. Using the can opener, I took off the bottom of the can, then wrapped it in thick kitchen cabinet liner to soften the edges, and then another layer of kitchen liner to add the chevron pattern.


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