Pinterest Project: Pantry Drawers

While previous Pinterest projects have focused on more decorative ideas, I also found a number of very practical ideas that have turned into projects. The first one I tackled was for the kitchen. To the left of our refrigerator there is a floor to ceiling pantry. The bottom two units had two shelves a piece, the smaller top two had one shelf each. We soon discovered the problem with these units – depth. In order to reach a can of soup in the back, all of the items up front would have to be removed. And for someone like me who bakes a lot, trying to organize the flour, sugars, baking chips, extracts and various other items was not fun. I found a number of different approaches to building pull-out drawers for the pantry.






Using some leftover wood from the previous homeowner, as well as a discarded set of drawer rails, I built a prototype drawer and installed it in the pantry. Having worked out the mounting and spacing issues to ensure the drawer opened and closed smoothly, I felt confident enough to head off to the local big box hardware store to purchase more wood and build a complete set. Here’s a look at how the pull-out pantry drawers turned out:

Pull Out Pantry Drawers

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