Food Truck Roundup: Grizzle Burger

gbNext stop on the Food Truck Roundup is Grizzle Burger, who specialize in, you guessed it, burgers.

As a fan of burgers, I was happy to partake in their offerings, and went with a basic burger with the toppings you’d expect – lettuce, tomato, etc. I also tried what they called “Grizzle Sauce,” which seemed like a combo of mayo, thousand island or ketchup and maybe some sriracha for some kick. But the sauce is secondary to the burger.

While I was chowing down, I heard some others compare the burger to Five Guys, who I am not a fan of. Honestly, I thought Grizzle Burger was better, though I would like to see them use a better bun, as my disintegrated about half-way through thanks the juice from the burger and the condiments.

Overall, I thought it was a pretty good burger, but I’d still go Graffiti Burger as my choice in Columbus.

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