Food Truck Roundup: The Cheesy Truck

Recently, a variety of Columbus-based Food Trucks have been making their way to my office for lunch. Used to be we’d get the occasional pizza and burgers construction-site style “roach coach” that didn’t offer much in the variety department, but that’s changed. As each makes their visit, I’m going to right up a quick review.

The first truck that stopped by a few weeks ago is The Cheesy Truck, which has visited at least once more since then. Offering a variety of twists on the old school grilled cheese, two of which I gave a shot, as well as a side worth mentioning.

The first visit I went with my gut, and my gut said – get the sandwich with pulled pork. And so I did. The Royale, featuring Mac & Cheese and pulled pork on a Texas Toast, was a mighty fine concoction, albeit with less cheese than I expected but logical considering it was a sandwich.

The second visit I also went with my gut, and my gut said – get the sandwich with bacon. My gut likes pork, have you guessed that yet? This time, it was a the Vegas Strip (“cause it’s good 24/7”), featuring Jack & Cheddar Cheese, a fried egg and Thick Cut Applewood Smoked Bacon on Country White Bread. It was great, and something I would want for breakfast until my heart implodes. But the real winner of that visit was the side – Classy Loaded Tots. What were they loaded with? Cheese, diced bacon, pickled jalapeno’s and hot sauce. Specifically (I believe), Sriracha. And they were damned good.

Nice thing about The Cheesy Truck is that you can make your own sandwich based on all the ingredients they keep on hand. Next time The Cheesy Truck makes a visit, I’ll definitely be incorporating the Loaded Tots into a sandwich.

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