Friday’s 5 Faves: Cover Songs That Work (But Shouldn’t)

Throughout the history of rock music, a well-done cover song has made good songs great and lame songs cool. Unfortunately, there have also been plenty of misses. Some of the best covers are the one’s you’d never expect to work. Here are my top five favorite cover songs that, when you think about the combination, shouldn’t work, but yet somehow do.

#5. Sexual Healing (by Marvin Gaye) covered by Soul Asylum

#4. Toys In The Attic (by Aerosmith) covered by R.E.M.

#3. Umbrella (by Rihanna) covered by Manic Street Preachers

#2. Her Strut (by Bob Seger) covered by The Hellacopters

#1. Creep (by TLC) covered by The Afghan Whigs

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