Concert Review: Cursive at Little Brothers (2003-2004)

Cursive and Nena Dinova @ Little Brothers, 1/23/03
Cursive, Blood Brothers and Eastern Youth @ Little Brothers, 9/14/03
Cursive, Mike Park and Darkest Hour @ Little Brothers, 4/23/04

Over the course of a year and a half I saw Cursive three times at Little Brothers in Columbus. As previously mentioned, besides being a big fan, I was also working on the Saddle Creek street team, which afforded me free tickets when Saddle Creek bands came to town.

I’d like to be able to say that each of these shows was magical in its own way, but to be honest, other than the band executing a sloppy but earnest cover of Bad Company’s Feel Like Makin’ Love, there wasn’t a lot to distinguish each show. The band was always tight, and the performances always intense, and inevitably, someone would request The Radiator Hums, and inevitably, lead singer Tim Kasher would yell that since they requested it, they weren’t going to play it. Kind of a dick move, but considering it was a pivotal song off an album written about his divorce, I understand if the guy had mixed emotions playing certain songs live.

The only real disappointment was that I missed a fourth Cursive show in this time span – on March 22nd, 2003, they played with Minus the Bear and No Knife (again at Little Brothers). Not sure why I didnt’ see that one, perhaps we were out of town playing a gig.

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