Unemployment: Why Conservatives Love It

Republicans love to point out the fact that, despite inheriting the worst economy since the Great Depression, the official unemployment rate has only dropped from a high of 10% to 8.3% as of August 2012. Never mind the fact that during the preceding Bush administration, for every ONE job created, FIVE were lost, the Obama administration has yet to meet its stated goals. But that’s not really the point, but, and this is going to come as a bit of shock, but here’s the truth:

Economic conservatives do not want to solve unemployment.

Let me state that again.

Economic conservatives do not want to solve unemployment.

Think for a moment: what would happen if close to zero or zero unemployment were to be achieved, meaning every person seeking a job had one? If this were to happen, all of sudden companies around the country would not have a pool of out-of-work potential employees to pick and choose from. These same corporations would have to COMPETE for employees, offering better salaries and benefits to not only acquire, but retain a workforce, instead of using high rates of unemployment as a weapon against current employees to deny raises, expand benefits, etc.

Make no mistake, unemployment is desirable economic conservatives because it removes the power from the worker and gives it to the corporation. Since the end of the Bush administration, when two million of jobs were shed across the country, corporations have been in no hurry to hire when, A). they can replace permanent employees with temporary workers (who are at an all-time high) with no worries of benefits, vacation or sick time, or B). they can simply load up the current workforce with additional work and responsibilities, often forcing breaks and lunches to be worked through and overtime to go unpaid, for fear of losing employment.

Unemployment is the weapon that conservatives use to keep corporations in charge, and workers desperate and fearful. They have no genuine interest in lowering it, period.

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