Concert Review: The Good Life and Azure Ray @ Little Brothers, 2/20/02

There was a time in my life when Tim Kasher of Cursive and The Good Life could do no wrong. Like all temporary music obsessions, that time has passed. The last few Cursive albums have had little impact on me, and his solo record came and went through iTunes, but in the early ’00s, it was all Kasher, all the time.

To show my appreciate for the band, I even volunteered to help out on the Saddle Creek street team, the label for Cursive, Bright Eyes, The Faint and many others. I’d drop off stickers and posters at local music stores prior to new releases and upcoming shows, post on music message boards, etc.

One of the benefits of volunteering was scoring free tickets to any Saddle Creek shows that came through Columbus, which included this particular show. Unfortunately, all my street teaming couldn’t fill Little Brothers, which maxed out around 400. If there were 100 people there, I’d be surprised, but that lent to a more intimate experience.

Azure Ray took full advantage of the small crowd, who sat on the floor for most of their folksy, harmony-filled set. To be honest, except for a few tunes, Azure Ray were never my thing. I need some loudness sometimes, and they simply didn’t have it in them. Never mind, not for me, move one.

The Good Life, however, delivered. They’re uneven, drunks-at-midnight tales combined with a powerful multi-instrumental presentation hit on all levels, and it was fun to see a band, albeit under appreciated, doing their thing at full blast.

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