This Week In Music (4/9 – 4/15)

This week in music listening, featuring patent-pending two-word reviews:

Mouse on Mars: Parastrophics – energetic inconsistency
Robert Pollard: Mouseman Cloud – musically underwhelming
Remy Zero: The Golden Hum – few highlights
Soul Asylum: Say What You Will Clarence – raggedly uneven
Vandenberg: Alibi – expert wankery
Ours: Distorted Lullabies – Muse lite
Gang of Four: Shrinkwrapped – lacking dynamics
Ministry: Cover Up – interesting interpretations
The Jesus Lizard: Show – live rawness
Juliana Hatfield: Beautiful Creature – introspectively elegant
Genesis: Calling All Stations – unnecessary effort
Nelson: After the Rain – few gems
The Muffs: Really Really Happy – undercooked overindulgence
Quasi: Hot Shit – cold poop
Rocket from the Crypt: All Systems Go, Vol. 2 – wild ride
Old Man Lizard: Old Man Lizard EP – bluesy metal
Sponge: Galore Galore – early return
The War On Drugs: Wagonwheel Blues – meandering letdown
Velvet Crush: Melody Freaks – juicy alternates
Tiara: Chained To The Crown – delicate pop

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