This Week In Music (3/5-3/11)

This week in music listening, featuring patent-pending two-word reviews:

Soundgarden: Louder Than Love – molten metal
Soundgarden: Ultramega Ok – surpasses ok
Disappears: Pre Language – moody post-punk
Gruntruck: Push – grungy metal
Tad: 8-Way Santa – earthy grunge
Green River: Dry As a Bone / Rehab Doll – sludgy metal
Cursive: I Am Gemini – solid return
OFF!: First Four EPs – brilliant blasts
High Back Chairs: Of Two Minds – average alt.rock
Ruby: Short-Staffed at the Gene Pool – average trip-hop
Be Bop Deluxe: Futurama – glam pop
The Gandharvas: Sold for a Smile – Jane’s Addiction-lite
Fuzzy: Hurray For Everything – underwhelming pop
Megachurch: Megachurch 2 Judgement Day – blistering blasts
For Squirrels: Baypath Rd. – early REMish

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