Concert Review: Gaza Strippers, New Bomb Turks and A Planet For Texas @ Little Brothers, 1/20/01

Nobody is going to confuse me with a “punk rocker.” If you were to peruse my music collection, you would find some punk rock, but not much. Yet, upon moving to Columbus in 1999 until 2006 or 07, I found myself at a lot of punk rock shows, some local and some national.

This particular night it was to see Columbus’ New Bomb Turks, a Midwestern mainstay who were in-between studio albums. They took the middle slot, between opening local thrashers A Planet For Texas and national glam punksters the Gaza Strippers.

A Planet For Texas did what A Planet For Texas always did (check them out here), play fast and loud while plenty of cheap beer was consumed. I had a chance to play with them in the early Stepford Five days, and despite the musical aggression, the guys were incredibly nice and normal.

Gaza Strippers didn’t leave much of an impression. Their particular brand of glammy punk rock was, at the time, being better executed by the like of The Hellacopters and Gluecifer, and the obnoxious stage persona just rubbed myself and others who saw them the wrong way.

The New Bomb Turks, well, they were a particular brand of punk. Frontman Eric Davidson refers to them as “gunk punk:” lo-fi punk rock in the garage and blues vein. While I enjoyed their ear-piercingly loud bombast live, I never got them on record. Some bands are just meant to heard at full volume, rhythm section like a drill to the head and guitars pummeling the eardrums.

There were so many nights spent at Little Brothers during this time, most of them run together, but aside from one set by Bob City, none were as loud as this night.

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