2011 Goals In Review

#1. Complete 2 New Screenplays: The Black Sky, done. Another no. 50% success on that one.

#2. Write A Book: Yep, the first draft of “Flick Your Bic” is done.

#3. Shoot the “Bands On The Run” short: Never got around to it.

#4. Launch A Music Podcast: Done, and was way more successful than I anticipated. 2012 is gonna be even bigger.

#5. Make Some New Music: I recorded one new song, but it was all based on loops, nothing original. Mainly due to the fact that I A) didn’t have an interface between my guitars and computer and B) I didn’t have a bass. I’ve since rectified the second issue, but the first I’m working on.

#6. The Gym: Off and on, but mainly no.

#7. Read A Book A Month: Actually managed to be successful with this one, but for one caveat: I never finished the Woodrow Wilson biography. It was so long, and so dense, I took me months to get 2/3rds the way through.

Coming soon, my Goals for 2012.

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