Schools, Part 4: Bowling Green State University

Bowling Green State University: Freshman – ’92-93, Sophomore – ’93-94, Junior – ’94-95, Senior – ’95-96, Senior (2) – ’96-97, Senior (3) – ’97-98

I mean, where do I start. I should probably split this into multiple posts, but I want to stay condensed, so I’ll do a paragraph per year, with classes for a laugh.

Fall Classes: Introductory Writing, Introduction to Mass Communication, Introduction to Philosophy, Introduction to Pop Culture, Principles of Sociology
Spring Classes: Computer Basics, Varieties of Writing, Introduction to Ethnic Studies, Modern America, Introduction to Film, Social Problems

Placed in the Batchelder wing of the Harshman quad, I was assigned a roommate (Jason) who left after the first semester to move into a frat house. Spring semester I got a Junior who was returning to school and was into computers. I logged onto an online bulletin board for the first time on his computer. There were a lot of music majors in the hall around me, I became friendly with a few, and one day we took a giant slingshot and launched mini-candy bars out their window into the field between the quads where some frat guys were playing football. They chased us through the dorm and we escaped into the cafeteria, narrowly avoiding getting the crap kicked out of us. I brought a bike, it was stolen. My grades sucked in the Fall, rebounded in the Spring. I joined the campus radio station WFAL music review staff for about a week, then quit.

Fall Classes: Introduction to Economics, Speech Communication, Elementary Italian I, Introduction to Statistics I, Bowling
Spring Classes: Accounting for Non-Business Students, Response-Literature, Earth Environments, Elementary Italian II, Basic Ice Skating, General Psychology

Moved into a six-person suite in the newly renovated Founders Hall with a new roommate (Dan, who I went to high school with) and four suite mates. Dan quit school after Fall semester, again paired with a Junior for Spring semester. Tried getting jobs at Advanced Special Products and in the cafeteria washing dishes, neither lasted. Like Freshman year, grades sucked in the Fall, rebounded in the Spring. Lots of Sega football and hockey. It wasn’t until the last weekend of Sophomore year that I drank alcohol, thanks to my roommates birthday and very convincing (and attractive) girlfriend who bought me an Amaretto Sour at the now gone Marks (I think it became a Grinders). Became friends with a girl (Amy) from Georgia in one of my classes. Her friend Carly visisted, we went line dancing (yes, even me). Ended up visiting them over the Summer in Macon, Georgia.

Fall Classes: Time, Life & Man, Introduction to Statistics I (retake), Basic Hockey, History & Philosophy of Sport, Sociology of Sport
Spring Classes: Principles of Public Relations, Journalism Law & Ethics, The Press & Society, Principles of Marketing Management, Foundations of Sport Psychology

Fifth new roommate, Charlie, a Freshman, and four new suite mates (Joe, Jason, Matt and Don) in the same Founders dorm room. Finally got a permanent job (night guard) and rejoined WFAL (as DJ and music reviewer). Lots of parties in and out of the dorm room (one busted). Went to off-campus party at house where second floor balcony collapsed. I was on it, on a couch. Luckily nobody got hurt. Decided to start taking Sports Management classes in move from Journalism to Sports Information. Did some sledding at Bill’s Hill and nearly cracked my skull. Met a girl from Buffalo (Kathy) in Stats class, we shared a ride a few times but she transferred back to a Buffalo school. Her dorm room got busted for loudness/alcohol while I was there but not drinking, nearly lost my night guard job because of it.

Senior (1)
Fall Classes: Marketing Communication & Promotion, Introduction to Sport Management, Legal Aspects of Sport Recreation, History & Philosophy of Sport (retake), Sport and Gender
Spring Classes: Principles of Management, Comparative Government, Principles of Sport Management, Sport & Event Promotion
Summer Classes: The Solar System, Canadian Fiction, Begin Guitar Non-Major, Radio Workshop

First time my Fall Semester grades didn’t suck and officially switched to Sports Information as my major. Continued to live/night guard at Founders with Charlie and all new roommates (Ben, others). Continued to work on music staff and DJ at WFAL, moving to daytime slot. Stayed for my first Summer and moved to off-campus apartment with then girlfriend’s (Tracy) roommate Jen and her ferret. Nearly killed Jen playing quarters when I made 19 in a row. Spent a lot of the Summer at BW-3’s playing trivia and eating wings.

Senior (2)
Fall Classes: Written Communication for Business, Literature of Laughter, American Journalism History, Visual Communication Techonology
Spring Classes: Introduction to Photojournalism, Survey of Music Technology, Recording Techniques, Intermediate Guitar Non-Major, Basketball-Men, Billiards, Coed Flag Football, Resident Life for Paraprofessional
Summer Classes: Softball-Coed, Introduction to Popular Film, Practicum-Phys Act (Sport Dept Internship)

My only full year living off-campus apartment with Charlie and Ben. Became Assistant Music Director at WFAL for Fall Semester and went to College Music Journal Festival in New York for station, eventually promoted to Co-Programming Director after management shake-up. Started hanging out with Keith and Jason more from WFAL, often borrowing Keiht’s 4-track recorder and recording music. Bought my first guitar (teal Ibanez) from Keith and started playing open mic nights at Easy Street Cafe. Worked with UAO to bring Violent Femmes to campus. Along with Charlie and Ben decided to become Resident Advisors. Stayed for Summer, lived with Keith and Ben, worked as a intern in the BG Sports Information department, which got me a pass to the press box where I watched football games and ate free food. First lesson of the press box: free food.

Senior (3)
Fall Classes: Journalism Techniques Non-Major, Jazz & Commercial Music, Skin Diving-Snorkel, Sports and Public Assembly Facilities, Introduction to Women’s Studies
Spring Classes: Media Publication & Design, Sports at BG News (staff writer), Advanced Recording Techniques, Beginning Piano Non-Major I, Introduction to Film, Professional Resources
Summer: Internship (Buffalo Bisons)

My lone year as a Resident Advisor at Founders Hall. I quit management at WFAL and just DJ’ed for my last year. Sometime in the Fall I was asked by Keith and Jason to join a band with former State of Green members (Matt and Adam) called 10watt. I played keyboards and a little guitar, we practiced in Matt’s basement and played three shows. Helped put together end-of-year party for dorm called Spring Concert BBQ, which just an excuse to get band to play a show at my dorm. Joined BG News as an opinion writer and beat reporter for track & field.  As an RA I got a two-person suit, and I was paired with a Freshman for Fall semester who barely spoke and moved out before Spring semester. Finished classes in Spring and after my internship in Summer with Buffalo Bisons was complete in August I finally graduated.

What a long, strange trip that was.

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