Bills Fan, Part II

Last Month I wrote about my experience growing up a Buffalo Bills fan. I knew there was something I was missing, and a recent visit home confirmed that thought. Here’s what I left out – newspaper collages! Those I remembered, clipped from The Buffalo News each week after each Bills victory, but I wasn’t sure if they survived. Apparently they did in my parents basement, or I should say three basements, as they moved a couple of times. The fifth picture is a collage of various Bills players from the 60s, 70s and 80s. I honestly don’t remember it ever existing, but there it is.

It should not be surprising that, since the last posting, when the Bills were the darlings of the NFL thanks to their succession of wild comebacks, the team has come crashing down to earth.

Three losses in a row, and I’m talking embarrassing had-no-business-being-on-the-field losses, have deflated the once rabid fan base. Truthfully, any schooled Bills fan watched the first six games with suspicious eyes. We had seen this just a few years ago, when the Bills started 5-1 and promptly collapsed, and that was just the most recent example.

If I were a member of any other NFL fan base, I might naively believe there was still hope for the season to be saved and a Wild Card playoff birth attained. But I’m not so foolish, and the Bills season is all over but the shoutin’.

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