Writing Flashback: Newsletters, Newspapers & Other Random Stuff

Besides writing for my high school paper, my college paper, and firing off random letters to the editor, I’ve also written some other random stuff over the years.

When I was in high school, I was approached to write for a high school sports-centered weekly newspaper called Sports Weekly that covered the Cleveland area. I wrote a high school preview piece for the debut issue that came out in August of 1991. I don’t know how long the paper lasted, maybe another issue, maybe another year.

During my time as an Resident Advisor in college, and working at Kohl’s and Cheryl & Co., I wrote and edited the newsletters. At BG, it was once a month, and I was able to do stuff like sneak in album and movie reviews. At Kohl’s and Cheryl’s, they were more frequent, but less flexible with the content.

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