2011 Goals: 3rd Quarter Report

I’m a few days late into the third quarter of 2011, okay three weeks, but I figured late is better than never when it comes to keeping up my goal reporting for 2011.

I set my original goals back in January, then followed up with reports for the first quarter and halfway point. So where am I at?

#1. Complete 2 New Screenplays: 50% done. The Black Sky, a one-hour t.v. pilot, was written in the first six months. I took suggestions on what to write next, which ended up being A Match Made In Macy’s. I’ve done some outlining, basic stuff, but nothing is really written, and I doubt I’ll finish it this year. All my focus has been on finishing…

#2. Write A Book: I happy to report I’m done with the first draft. I have copies out to some friends for feedback, revisions, suggestions, etc.

#3. Shoot the “Bands On The Run” short: Not gonna happen. Like with the screenplays, all my focus has been on the book.

#4. Launch a Music Podcast: Dig Me Out has been rolling since January, a new episode every week. It’s growing the audience at a nice steady pace, and 2012 is going to be even more fun.

#5. Make Some New Music: I pitched the start of a song to Katie for our never started “Sleep Jones” project, but other than a few chords and a hint of a melody, nothing has surfaced. I’ll keep trying.

#6. The Gym: Went a few times, gone on some walks, but not like I wanted. This will be my #1 2012 goal.

#7. Read A Book A Month: I believe I’ve finished nine books in ten months, and I’m on number ten right now. I’ll get close, but the Woodrow Wilson bio was just a killer, ate up several months.

So, in the first week of 2012, I’ll review my 2011 goals, and follow that up with my goals for 2012.

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