Writing Flashback: High School Paper, Junior Year

In the Spring of 1990, my family moved from the ‘burbs of Buffalo, New York to the ‘burbs of Cleveland, Ohio. For my Junior year at Chagrin Falls High School, I signed up for the Newspaper class, which allowed me to write and edit the school newspaper.

As the new kid, either I or my advisor pitched the idea of writing a column from the perspective of a new student, hence “New York Sate of Mind.” I ended up writing six of these columns, along with sports articles my Junior year, which is what this post will cover.

From what I recall, I didn’t exactly get off on the best foot with the student body. My first column was a tongue-in-cheek piece in which I interview myself. I took a decidedly more serious tone in the second column, which criticized the underage drinking, and by extension, drunk driving, of my classmates.

In future pieces, I covered some current events, politics and sports, which included the always good for a laugh title, “Baseball salaries out of hand.” Understatement, indeed.

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