Radio, Radio: CD101 Guest DJ

The last time someone made the mistake of allowing me on the radio was sometime in May of 2001. CD101, the local and independent rock music station in Columbus, has a Guest DJ everyday in the month of May. You can read about it here. I put together a playlist of all local bands, submitted it and got picked to be on the air.

We were in the middle of recording the second The Stepford Five album, which included band studio diaries for our website and a series of articles published in the Columbus Alive chronicling our exploits in the studio. Me being ever the promoter thought it would be cool to get on the air, plug our favorite local bands, and use the opportunity to play an unheard but finished track from the new album while pimping our upcoming shows. I don’t know if it paid off. We played a benefit show at Andyman’s Treehouse the following night, which was always packed back then, and then the following week we played at Hempfest on the OSU lawn. If I recall, there were a lot of people there but not necessarily paying attention to us, which at the time was not an uncommon occurrence.

CD101 Guest DJ, Pt.1

CD101 Guest DJ, Pt.2

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