Writing Flashback: Letters to the Editor, Part 1

This is part one of my writing flashback section, featuring various articles and letters I wrote in grade school, high school and college. This first entries focus on Letters to Editor, and this first entry specifically on the letters I wrote to automobile magazines in and around ’88-90. Keep in mind, I didn’t have a my license when I was writing these. I was about 14 or 15, and most of my commentary is limited to appearances, not performance. The theme you’ll pick up on is that regardless of age, I have always been an opinionated s.o.b.


A few years ago, I wouldn’t have put the Corvette [June 1989] into the Ferrari’s or Porsche’s class, but now it flies by them both. If Ford and Chysler could just build 200-plus-mph cars at Vette prices, the United States could dominate the supercar market.
Tim Minneci,
Buffalo, New York

On the cover of your May issue it says “Stealing Ford’s Thunder.” I read the comparison test of the Ford Thunderbird and the Pontiac Grand Prix Turbo [“Coupes de Graceland”], and you said the Ford was better. I think the Thunderbird looks like a Corvair with Ford badges and tack-on plastic parts. The Grand Prix Turbo may have been an afterthought for Pontiac, but ASC and McLaren did a great job on it. Next time you like a car on the cover, make sure you like it on the pages in between.
Timothy Minneci
Williamsville, New York


To Kevin Smith: the Honda CRX Si may maneuver like Marcus Allen, but it’s as butt-ugly as Dick Butkus.
Timothy Minneci
Buffalo, New York

Honda messed up on this Accord. It looks like the Accords before they had flip-up lights. Except for the flush head-lamps and some rounded out edges, it looks like the same car. I just hope Honda doesn’t bring back some of those cars from the seventies.
Timothy Minneci
Buffalo, New York

The wheels of the Mazda MX-3 look like Honeycomb cereal. And the back seat looks like a couch in a proctologist’s office. Which is exactly what this car is: a pain in the butt!
Timothy D. Minneci
Chagrin Falls, Ohio

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