Jobs, Part 4: Dishwasher, Founders Hall, BGSU

Dishwasher at Founders Hall, Bowling Green State University: After quitting my job at Advanced Specialty Products, I was in search of a new job during the Fall semester of my Sophomore year at Bowling Green. Someway, somehow, I ended up getting a job in the cafeteria of my dormitory, Founders Hall.

For those unfamiliar with Bowling Green State University, Founders Hall had been gutted and rebuilt in the early 1990s, and my first year as a resident in the Fall of 1993 was also the year of the reopening. Founders had a unique set-up for the time: it features suite-style rooms in two and six person configurations, complete with private bathrooms and, with the six person suites, large living rooms.

As Freshman, we stood outside at 6am in freezing temperatures to secure a space in what was at the time the nicest dorm on campus that included a massive cafeteria, a late night snack bar, private music rooms for practicing, multi-purpose rooms with televisions, pool tables, etc. and a workout room. The workout room might not seem like a big deal, but at Bowling Green, Founders and the rec center were at complete opposite ends of campus. As the shuttle service was, shall we say, random, and a mid-Winter walk across the tundra-like campus ensured frostbite, having a residents-only workout room was a perk.

Like I said, I’m not exactly sure how I ended up with the dishwashing job, but with a few weeks to go in the semester, I was in the back, grabbing trays of dirty dishes and loading them into a large industrial dishwasher via a conveyor belt. I think I only worked a shift or two a week, and by the time the semester ended, my time had run it’s course.

After receiving my less-than-stellar grades for the Fall semester of Sophomore year, finding a new job in the Spring became less a concern than not getting expelled for poor academic performance. For some reason, I had horrific Fall semesters, and rebounded with excellent Spring semesters each of my first three years. Maybe there was a lag returning from Summer break, or maybe I was just a bad student, either way, dish washing would not be my last BGSU job, as my academic rebound the following Spring ensured my return to the workforce the Fall of my Junior year.

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