Cars, Part 8: 2008 Pontiac G8

2008 Pontiac G8: While the xB had been a nice car, it did have a few problems. For one, and this is apparently a problem plaguing most cars in modern America, the gas cap warning light kept going off. Basically, every couple of hundred miles, a warning light would pop up on the dash indicating the gas cap had not been properly turned to the required four clicks, and now I was driving a rolling gas hazard. Now, I mention most cars because I also encountered this same problem with the G8.

The second issue the xB had was the left wheel well cracked, causing a horrible rumbling sound and making the car unsafe. I got it fixed, but I was annoyed. So in the Spring of 2009, I returned to the Columbus Auto Show with my friends J and Keith and took in the new vehicles. I was, for awhile, quite smitten with the Hyundai Genesis Coupe, which was at the show but not on sale for another couple of months.

In the meantime, even though my heart was set on the Genesis, I remembered (and was reminded by J) of the awesomeness that was the Pontiac G8 sedan from the auto show, and he informed me of the availability of the G8 at some local dealerships. Low and behold, a dealership a half-hour away had a brand new, year old G8 sitting on the lot at a significantly reduced price.

The wife and I headed up to Delaware, Ohio to take the G8 for a spin, and I believe the first time I seriously depressed the gas pedal and felt all 265 horses of the V6 rumble, Katie knew we were getting the car. It was the first time I took a hard line negotiating, and got a pretty damn good deal on a car that was (theoretically) out of my price range.

About a month after buying the car, General Motors announced that the Pontiac division was being shut down, which instantly made my car kinda cool. In fact, it’s the only car that got “looks.” Guys in parking lots would walk by and do double-takes, at gas stations they’d say stuff like, “nice” and nod their head approvingly. Essentially, I was driving a hot chick.

That’s not to say that the G8 wasn’t without it’s own issues. Like the previously mentioned gas cap warning light, a few months into owning the car, the battery started to die. The morning I was driving it into the dealer to have it looked at, it started to shut down different parts of the car, like the radio, power steering, power breaks, like a wounded Starship Enterprise running on emergency back-up power. It literally pulled into the parking space and died on the spot.

It also didn’t help that besides having a few mechanical issues, the car had rear wheel drive, which I was totally unfamiliar with in Ohio winters, and the gas milage was horrific. After the snow and ice storms of Winter 2010/11, I had had enough. The speed and luxury the G8 provided eventually were outweighed by the negatives, but after the ’68 Cutlass, the G8 is definitely the coolest car I’ve ever owned.

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