Help Me Pick My Next Screenwriting Project

Recently I wrapped up writing a screenwriting project, a one-hour sci-fi/drama tv pilot to be exact. I liked it, but I see that it has limited appeal, which is a running theme of what I’ve mostly written – writing for what I want to see, which to be a successful writer does not always work. Sometimes you have to write things outside your comfort zone to be successful, to become a better writer, to challenge yourself. I believe that now is that time.

Over the years, friends, family and acquaintances, upon learning I dabble in screenwriting as a hobby, have started a sentence with, “You know what would make a great movie..,” or “I have a great idea for a movie….”  Believe it or not, I’ve written more than a few of those down and held on for inspiration or ideas. Now I actually think its time to take a shot at one.

So, below I’m listening several loglines with titles (mostly temp titles, feel free to suggest better ones) for ideas people have given me. Which one do you think I should tackle? What movie do you want to see? Drop a note in the comments, and if none of these interest you, tell me what I should be writing (J –I know, I know I know, robot baseball). Here’s the list:

Dear Abby (Romantic Comedy): 10 years after a summer romance, a belated love letter lost in the mail finally lands in the hands of single and frustrated school teacher Abby, who must decide to whether to continue in the safe rut she’s dug herself into, or take a chance on lost love.

27 Jennifers (Comedy): An obsessive compulsive pet-sitter who only dates women named Jennifer meets the woman of his dreams, but wrestles with the fact she’s not named Jennifer.

Andy & Isabella (Drama): On the worst day of his life, a high powdered executive indicted on federal charges, served divorce papers and diagnosed with inoperable cancer decides to spend his last remaining days with an adult film actress in Las Vegas, indulging in all the sin and vice available.

The Development (Thriller): In a Las Vegas neighborhood where foreclosures border on 50% of the homes, a gang looting homes moves in and threatens one of the few families left in a night of terror and violence.

Rob That Bank (Comedy): With his high school reunion fast approaching, and faced with losing his home and business, a video store owner and his juvenile delinquent employee study heist movies to execute the perfect robbery against the bank across the street run by his shady brother-in-law.

Grounded (Thriller): Stuck alone on a snowy runway, a group of passengers on commercial red-eye flight discover a dead body on board, and struggle to uncover the murderer among them.

Incomplete (Dramedy): An NBA superstar, kicked out of the league and unable to find employment, returns to high school to complete his diploma and ends up coaching a girls basketball team of misfits while trying to win over the high school sweetheart now coaching the school’s rival.

A Match Made In Macy’s (Romantic Comedy): Two committed single 20-somethings working at the mall grow jealous of their newly married friends, and decide to fake a wedding to cash in on the presents and money until unexpected new flames enter the picture and threaten to spoil the occasion.

Undercover School (Action Comedy): Two acting teachers are hired by the FBI to teach their agents how to act naturally when undercover, but end up getting more than they bargained for when the tables are turned and they find themselves deep undercover.

Roomies (Comedy): Two brothers, one a Type-A business owner, the other a slacker pot dealer, must commit their aging father to a retirement home.  When the pot dealer gets kicked out of his apartment, he crashes at retirement home, drawing the ire of his brother and the anger of a rival drug gang claiming the retirement home as their turf.

Caught On Film (Action/Drama): In several concurrent stories, three film students research a heist, a bank employee helps out a troubled friend and crooked cops negotiate with the mob for missing drug money, all converging with an LA film agent.

The Narcissist (Dark Comedy): A struggling actor unable to land a speaking role manufactures a troubled childhood in order to work his way into Hollywood elite, justify outrageous behavior and become the media sensation.

Change, Inc. (Sci-Fi): In the near future, a corporation creates a device which allows customers to inhabit their past self for a brief period of time and make minor changes to their lives, slowly changing the past for everyone whether they like it or not.

The Mark (Thriller): A professional con man, expert at playing the rube, targets other con men, until the day he crosses the wrong man, putting his and his families life in danger.

Northern Sky (Drama): A mysterious old man lives in an RV, traveling the country, but stops once a year to visit a waitress in a Montana diner that he hopes to one day reveal his dark secret to.

The Pink Flamingo (Dramedy): Set in 1989 as the Berlin Wall crumbles, an aging Soviet spy who runs a Midwestern lawn knick-knack store as front has a difficult time dealing with the fall of his homeland, and attempts to recruit a curious neighborhood teenager to join return the USSR to its former glory.

Escape from Planet Earth (Sci-Fi): After technology makes immortality a reality and overpopulation threatens to destroy the planet, a group of elite astronauts embark on a mission to locate a suitable replacement for Earth.

Return to Planet Earth (or) The Station (Sci-Fi): Seven astronauts in an orbiting space station witness Earth struck by an asteroid. Believing life across the globe has been wiped out, they return in hopes of rebuilding the human race to discover an even worse fate for mankind.

Play Ball (Suspense/Thriller): Set in the 1950s, a shady professional baseball player puts his cozy relationship with the media to the test when a series of grisly murders follow his team on the road.

The Enemy Within (Action): An undercover FBI agent infiltrating a right wing think tank funded by an eccentric billionaire discovers a recent string terror attacks are not the work of foreign nationals, and has supporters that not only to the highest ranks of government, but into his own family.

Bad Call (Drama): An alcoholic umpire most reevaluate his life after blowing a call in the World Series.

Blood, Sweat & Gears (Action): Car thieves, specializing in the exotic and rare, cross the globe in search of a jobs before being offered their greatest test – stealing the President’s limousine.

Killing Time (Action): Talented videos gamers are recruited to work in a government anti-terrorism program that soon veers out of control and finds the gamers on the run for their lives from their own program.

This Is My Confession (Drama): An elderly Priest learns one of his oldest friends and longtime parishioners is a hit man for the mob and struggles with knowledge when he learns who was on his hit list.

Dead Man’s Clothes (Action): A homeless veteran assumes the identity of a dying man, and soon becomes the target of an international assassin.

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