Cars, Part 3: 1986 Chevrolet Caprice

1986 Chevrolet Caprice: During the Summer of 1995 between my Junior and (1st) Senior year of college at BGSU, the trusty Chevy Citation was given the boot for this, in relative terms, brand spanking new 1986 Chevrolet Caprice.

I may be incorrect, but I believe some of the cash from the sale of the Cutlass Supreme was pooled with a helping hand from my parents to purchase the (at the time) low-milage beauty. The interior was the sort of plush cushioning that only ’70s and ’80s domestic mid-and-full-sized vehicles were graced with, paired with fake wood paneling and topped off with enough V8 horsepower to single-handedly deplete the ANWAR oil reserves.

The Caprice was, for the it’s time, quite a luxurious drive for middle class American’s who didn’t want to plunk down the extra change for a Cadillac, though many were built on the same chasis’ and only had minor costmetic differences. When I acquired this particular beast, it had long been surpassed in the luxury market, though it still retained a certain mob-vehicle charm with it’s all black exterior and slightly tinted windows.

What it lacked in aerodynamics and fuel efficiency it more than made up for in comfort, roominess and driveability. The six-plus hour trek from Bowling Green to Buffalo, with a stop in the suburbs of Cleveland to pick up and drop off my roommate Charlie, were not the most fun in the rather stiff Citation. On the other hand, the Caprice all but floated, and it had a working cassette deck, so it was pretty badass for the time.

Somewhere in the history of this vehicle are a trip to Columbus to see the Parliament-Funkadelic All-Stars at the Newport, an in-car fight with one of my suite-mates that involved me getting grabbed by the neck while driving and an attempt to get air whilst jumping a set of railroad tracks. But I don’t know exactly when and with whom these things happened, so I’m not going to dig too deep. I know they happened, but the years are blurring the details.

Unfortunately, the low milage didn’t last, and I pretty much drove the car to death in the few years I owned it, paving the way to me inheriting a second hand-me-down car.

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