Laughable shots from the Ohio rightwing

File Under: when reality doesn’t go your way, create a new reality.

Joe C. at Right Angle Blog is in a absolute tizzy over the poll showing Strickland with a 20-point lead, which has lead to some interesting accusations:

The Strickland Dispatch hyped its phony poll on Sunday’s front page. As a frequent consumer of survey research, I just wanted to explain to everyone that this poll has absolutely no legitimate value except as Democrat propaganda– which I am sure was its intention.

Now, maybe I missed something, but as a Columbus resident for some time now, there are two widely held opinions of the Dispatch that I’ve encountered from most residents: A) It’s shitty & B) It’s conservative. Now, the first one is subjective, but the second is easily debunked. The Wolfe family are well known Republican backers in the area, having a special Air Force One visit with the current President for a puff piece in the paper prior to the 2004 election and endorsing Republicans for President for since 1916. Take a moment and think about some of the shitty politicians they’ve endorsed in that period, people like Barry Goldwater, Richard Nixon and Thomas Dewey. Yeah.

And then there is the little thing about where the donations go. John F. Wolfe is the publisher of the paper, let’s see:
2/28/06 – $1,000 – Mike DeWine (R.)
5/25/98 – $1,000 – John Kasich (R.)
12/30/97 – $1,000 – John Kasich (R.)

Yup, looks like the Dispatch is up to liberal commie tactics again, what with the head of the paper giving exclusively to Republican politicians and always backing Republicans. Maybe this is some sort of reverse psychology. – originally posted at

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