Ohio’s Lieberman

My response to this article in The Other Paper:

Democratic East Cleveland Mayor Eric Brewer should be ashamed for supporting Republican Ken Blackwell for governor. It appears that Mayor Brewer is backing Blackwell for the color of his skin rather than the quality and impact of his proposed programs and initiatives. Blackwell’s rabid pro-business, pro-privatization, tax cuts for the rich, anti-social services, anti-environment, pro-extremist religious right views are the polar opposite of what Mayor Brewer is supposed to stand for if he truly is a member of the Democratic Party.

That said, Mayor Brewer would be wise to review the political career of St. Paul, Minnesota Mayor Randy Kelly. Elected in 2001, Democratic Mayor Kelly endorsed and campaigned for George W. Bush in the 2004 Presidential election. He betrayed the Democratic voters of St. Paul who overwhelming supported John Kerry, and they responded by voting against him in the 2005 re-election primary, in which he finished 2nd, though with still enough to qualify for the fall ballot. He was then thoroughly defeated 69-31 in the November ‘05 general election, the greatest defeat for an incumbent mayor in St. Paul history.

Like Mayor Kelly in St. Paul, U.S. House Rep. Henry Cuellar in Texas and Senator Joe Lieberman of Connecticut, Democrats who turn their back on core principles of the party and back far-right extremist Republican candidates for office will be confronted and challenged when they face re-election. – originally posted at Peoplehavethepower.org

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